ReQuMe Level 1 PROGRAM

ReQuMe Level 1 PROGRAM


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Level 1: Basic Tools

In this program you learn the basic techniques and skills of the active ReQuMe method and gain a comprehensive understanding of how your energy field and the energies around you work. You will receive one guided meditation with an explanation every week, to focus on different techniques as gateways to your energy field. These are active and relaxing ReQuMe meditations that each time you practice, simultaneously help to alleviate the causes of psychological and physical suffering through the embedded healing frequencies and healing codes.
The 11 meditations build upon each other, and in each one you will learn different tools to come into a relaxed state of attentive awareness, to consciously access your powerful energy body, your subconscious and your inner guidance system, and to integrate it into your life.

Additionally you can expect:
Weekly tips and tricks on how to enrich your life in the areas of nutrition, exercise and routines.

ReQuMe Meridian Flow 30 min

This sequence is a wonderful method to stimulate your whole energy system, activating the acupressure points, so that the energy can flow freely through your entire body. Through the healing frequencies and codes, it releases energetic blockages on the deepest levels.

ReQuMe Meridian Yoga Flow 90 min

This Vinyasa Meridian Flow sequence is for all those who love movement (Level 1-2) and music, and at the same time want to release disturbing blockages in their energy system through the healing frequencies and codes.

The music has been composed by Michael Mallura (spiritual composer from Los Angeles) and Vincent Gericke (electro-music designer), based on the Chakra frequencies.


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