Welcome to Reflection Quantum Healing Method- Recome

What is Recome?

Recome is the abbreviation for Reflection – Quantum – Healing – Method

 Recome is a unique Energy Frequency Healing Method with a holistic approach on integrated well-being, developed by Kimberley Steeb 

Who is the Recome program for?

If you are reading this, the Recome program could be suitable for you!

Have you often asked yourself how to completely release and heal physical, energetic and emotional tensions on all levels, in order to live your true calling, in joy and trust, unfolding your pure potential as a human being? Coming into a higher level of awareness, understanding inner harmony, to heal and release it all? To release the attachment of guilt, self-blame, self-worth issues ? 


Do you sometimes feel that you have to fight to get through the day? Do you try to control your emotions? Are you feeling exhausted, drained, often stressed? Do you suffer from physical and/or emotional ailments, addictions, anxiety or depression? Are you longing to be in the free flow of your life? 

Or are you actually already feeling directed and well on your path, but curious, ready and full of enthusiasm to reach a deeper understanding and connection to yourself? To further unfold in the abundance of infinite experiences and possibilities that lie within you? To come into confidence, faith and stability within. 

Then Recome could be something for you!

Meditation, yoga, the wonderful alternative medicine, numerous supportive methods for wellbeing, healthy organically grown foods, as well as Western medicine; all bring us some valuable answers to the above questions, and are definitely a valuable part of the Whole. They carry amazing knowledge, as well as skills for health and wellbeing. 

However, we can still be stuck in thought patterns, traumatic experiences and life experiences that prevent us from living in joy.

This was my experience until I found what for me was the missing piece to my wholesome healing: the deep enthusiastic dive into Quantum Studies. The discovery of the various energy healing methods brought to me by wonderful teachers from around the world, gave the answers and the integrated profoundness to the healing journey and my life that I had always been longing for.

Transformation begins, in my experience, when we begin to understand the principles of the universe, how we are all a part of the Whole, and then learn to apply these principles to our own energy system and to our lives.

During the last 10 years, through the intensive research into Quantum Energy and Healing, I have put together my findings into the Recome method, and for the last 6 years I have been teaching the method through private counseling and to small groups.

This has developed into the 5 step program Recome Become your own Healer and the Recome Become a Healer Program, which I am honoured to share with many more people.

We are living in very extraordinary times, with extraordinary unprecedented challenges, and at the same time unique possibilities! I feel how humanity is evolving collectively, and we all play a responsible part in this global thriving process of becoming the Humans we are meant to be: Loving and Caring.

For most people, the world wide crises we are experiencing came suddenly, unexpectedly, just like a personal blow does, and calls everything into question. For me, it is the necessary push of energy and motivation to discover new ways of living. And also new doors with new possibilities open. Many people say that their illness was a good lesson to learn how to live a more fulfilled meaningful life, the same goes for a global collective crisis as the one we are experiencing right now!

The Recome program is an ideal companion for people who see their personal challenges in this transformative time as an opportunity to rediscover themselves, and become a valuable part of this rising new era.

My observation and understanding is that we are moving from a matter-based world towards an energy/emotion-based world. The material based world is a world where we strive to become someone or think to be happy only when something is achieved. In that world, school, college, your partner, your status, your house, your car, are all steps in the latter to reach higher, again by the belief that we only seem to be somebody because of what we have, instead of what we are and many times we reach there through envy, greed and avarice for power. 

But is this really the way we want to live our lives? 

In an energy-based world, what guides us is pure awareness of who we really are and how the world we all live in needs to be cared of, to live in harmony with ourselves, nature, animals, and the whole world with its many beautiful cultures. Everything has its origin in the deep desire within us to return to our natural essence in order to live in joy, in resonance and respect for the Whole. When we get there, as if by magic, the fullness of life we never dared to dream of, start to come into our lives. When we are not attached to a specific result, life starts to flow and bring us exactly what we deserve: abundance in every aspect

Yogic philosophy and other ancient cultures agree completely with modern quantum physics: we are energetic beings! The Recome method supports your path of becoming a fully conscious, loving, energetic being. It unfolds your abilities to live fully, instead of as a victim of past traumas, structures, experiences and genetic imprints.

The Recome method is for anyone who wants to understand how mental as well as physical illnesses arise, how you can identify them and how you can release them. For YOU who want to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the meaning of this wonderful life. For YOU who want to connect with the source of potential within you, to grow in joy, to live in union and harmony with the world.

Level 1
Basic Tools

In this program you learn the basic techniques and skills of the active ReQuMe method and gain a comprehensive understanding of how your energy field and the energies around you work. You will receive one guided meditation with an explanation every week, to focus on different techniques as gateways to your energy field. 

These are active and relaxing ReQuMe meditations that each time you practice, simultaneously help to alleviate the causes of psychological and physical suffering through the embedded healing frequencies and healing codes.

The 11 meditations build upon each other, and in each one you will learn different tools to come into a relaxed state of attentive awareness, to consciously access your powerful energy body, your subconscious and your inner guidance system, and to integrate it into your life.

Additionally you can expect:

Weekly tips and tricks on how to enrich your life in the areas of nutrition, exercise and routines.

In deep gratitude for your shared contribution:

 The ReQuMe Healing Frequency Music was composed by Michael Mollura 

( Composer from Los Angeles) 

“Michael Mollura is a genius in his mastery of music and his dedication to revealing the vibrations of the soul.”
Film producer Adam Schomer

Level 2
11-week program: The Chakras

The Chakras (your energy centres) What are they? How do they work, how do they relate to your physical body?  What is their significance in relation to your life path?  How do chakras relate to your well-being, illness and health? In the Level 2 Program you will learn how to consciously connect with your chakras to cleanse and balance  them. You will understand how they can protect you from energies that surround you, and how you can use the knowledge about them to balance and align your mind, body and subtle body with your purpose.

Additionally you can expect:

Weekly tips and tricks on how to connect and support your Chakras, and how to enrich your life in the areas of nutrition, exercise, routines and rituals. 

All ReQuMe frequency meditations support the cleansing of the chakras from blockages.

(All levels are welcome, please note the Level 1 program is a prerequisite for the Level 2 program)

In deep gratitude for your creative contribution:

Maria Nyegaard Light Language channel


By Michael Mollura and Vincent Gericke ( electro music composer) composed.