Star Seedz Space Agency


a Fusion of Knowledge – a Lifestyle of Growth Space-Agency

Star Seeds Agency is the channel and the natural evolution of Kimberley’s desire to provide and be in service to see each and every individual and the world thrive. Knowing about her work as a Energy healer she is much aware of how important the environment is for living in harmony from within.

We are energetic beings, just like the animals, the plants and the whole earth, and when we feel inner peace we are able to become the humans and the planet we are longing for. 

Whether it is our own home, or the hotel we are visiting, our co-working-living space, or the Spa, the Coffee shop, the Yoga Studio, we always choose the one with the best energy. We are honoured to support creating beautiful conscious meaningful spaces for You and Your Family or Your Customer. 

There is so much more to a beautiful home than good looking furniture!



Star Seedz Co-Creators

On Kimberleys journey she met many inspiring, conscious and dedicated humans who have unfolded their unique gifts to share with the community and she is proud to call them her beloved friends and special members of the Star Seedz Space-Agency. Just like the petals of the flower of life, every Star Seed is an important shining connecting light, in order to create the strong energy-quantum field that the structure of the flower of life withholds.



Let’s create places for conscious, curious, aware and responsible humans while enjoying every step of the way.
We can consciously create our future Energy Field.



Have you ever heard how important the quality of the water you are drinking is? Osmosis or maybe not, is there something better, or is it even bad for you? Are you overwhelmed by all the information and products on the market? Have you heard that in order to have a good night’s sleep, to rejuvenate your body and mind you should sleep in a non WiFi and an electromagnetic free zone, even by yourself?  How can you build your home sustainable and radiation free?
Have you ever heard about Feng Shui? – The ancient Chinese philosophy that is used to bring more balance and peace into one’s life through an unencumbered flow of energy. It uses the science of energy to achieve harmony between our living and working spaces and nature. 

Star Seedz is here to tackle the challenges of today, providing and finding the newest solutions to existing issues, creating meaningful conscious beautiful spaces to your style and desire. We support local productions, sustainable, regenerative and environmentally friendly products. 

We invite you to reflect on our offerings. Make the Power of Choice to live a Lifestyle of Choice, adoring yourself, and experiencing being provided for.
Stay curious and enjoy the many possibilities of enriching your life and others. 

Welcome to the Star Seedz Holistic Space Agency
a Fusion of Knowledge – a Lifestyle of Growth  



Plant Seedz and Grow Dreams

At Star Seedz we believe that the key to personal fulfilment and a thriving environment lies in the intimate connection and experiences between people that can only be achieved through a deeper understanding of Oneness and relating to the Whole.




We are passionate about bringing our knowledge to our customers, and co-create meaningful places for the conscious and purposeful human, who is seeking for re-invention, self development, and new ways of living and working. 

We want to contribute to the individual’s personal growth, enjoyment and beauty, in resonance with the collective. 

Star Seedz is a worldwide network of professionals who meet the highest standards in the diverse, although connected fields, of sustainable- and environmental architecture, interior design, Feng Shui, energy cleansing, Shamanic healing, energy cleansing, and empowering the atmosphere through stunning crystals, landscaping, agriculture, yoga, movement, meditation, functional medicine and nutrition. 

As a part of our holistic approach, we combine the demands of the latest ecological- and functional environment standards, with conscious lifestyle, spirituality, music, art; infused with esthetics and design. 

Star Seedz offers tailor made solutions.
Your ideas and wishes for Your Exclusive project is Our Inspiration.
We believe in an integrated process of Co-Creation.




Our network and our customers build an evolving community of people of all ages and backgrounds. Star Seedz wishes to support anyone who is seeking to nourish body and soul, living a life in purpose and respect for one another. 

It is a community for sustainable business development as well as for personal and universal growth. Sharing strengths, contributing to the Whole to move forward as One, by honoring knowledge and wisdom of the past, unifying it with contemporary sciences and all the amazing possibilities of the present moment.

Core Service Offerings


We collaborate with our trusted partners to create a prosperous environment for your clients​.

Focusing on: community development, environmental and functional design, sustainability, and ecological solutions. 

“Allow Your visionary project to evolve with our support. You are the key part in this web of co-creating an exceptional new living concept for your customers”  


With leading international professionals and experts in their fields; spirit activists, yoga teachers, modern shamans, we offer alternative medicine and nutrition consultations and programs, authentic spiritual practices, alchemist coaching for personal growth, conscious movement and awareness workshops, nature explorations, meditation and guided mindfulness experiences.

Let us know what you are looking for,
and together we will take it to the leading edge! 


Enjoy and be inspired by working with our team of holistic architects and interior designers, integrating organic farming, Feng Shui, Energetic clearing, environmental architecture and medicine (this covers the areas of electromagnetic free fields, installation of solar panels and other resources for auto sustainable eco-living, ecological farming, sustainable functional solutions for a conscious thriving life etc).
If you have the idea to create a nurturing and healthy environment for you and your family, we have the expertise and the comprehensive focus to support you in creating your dream home.

Star Seedz Co-Living | Working-Development |
Lifestyle Restaurants and Coffee Shops

Build a community where all members can thrive within personal growth, and  thoroughly nourish Body and Soul with organic farming or delivery, from farm to table. ReQuMe health plan, movement programs, sustainable, environmental medicine & living, creativity and stunning interior design. Pure nurturing for body, soul and eyes is what we want to provide.

Your unique project is what we focus on to co-create a New Way of Living!


Get inspired from our world class professionals, creating nourishing life changing experiences for body and soul. We focus on the holistic molding of your venue; to create a functional, nurturing and esthetic atmosphere including environmental architecture, Chrystals (Planets Rocks link), Feng Shui, music, and cosmopolitan- as well as functional facilities for your clients.

We want to support you in creating an exclusive high end menu and installation for the conscious customer of the future.
You might want to introduce a Russian Sauna experience to your offerings, or get inspired from the refined touch of a Corean SPA. As Star Seedz we have wide experience of different international approaches to true encounters with healing practices for body and mind in safe and creative settings.


Now experiences: We believe that an ongoing high standard of offerings give an extra value to your center, and something essential to your Conscious Customer. Just like a chef is there around the year, so should a Holistic Concept for Well-being be a Natural part of Your venue. Offering your clients: quality in experiences of movement, meditation, massage, as well as modern Spa Concepts for inner and outer beauty.

Let us create the perfect tailored ‘Now Experience’ for your venue!

We offer a wide range of Organic Beauty Treatments (link Ringana). We provide the most gifted certified massage-ReQuMe therapists, as well as teachers on modern yoga styles, Breathwork, Bowspring and Pilates. Our Star Seeds chefs and nutritionists offer Workshops on organic cooking, healthy holistic eating and personalized nutrition.


Let us be a part of celebrating your special Moment

We at Star Seedz believe that the only thing that ever exists is the present moment! BUT some Moments want to be highlighted and shine bright and vibrant.

With our dedicated professional Star Seed and event planner collaboration Heartbeat , we are honoured to make your day a moment to remember.

”Star Seedz Holistic Agency wants to accelerate the World’s transition into a thriving planet where each and every one can live a dignified life, in connection and with gratitude to nature and to one another.”
Kimberley Steeb

We are here to shine your light and provide – Welcome to Star Seedz



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