about Kimberley Steeb

About Kimberley Steeb

Kimberley Steeb testifies of an adventurous life journey, she reflects an integrated wisdom and love for life, which she generously shares with her community and with the world. Her eyes shimmers of playful light and her moves and gestures are gracious and full of awareness and total presence.  

Kimberley is a dedicated, loving mother of two grown up young men, and a passionate woman living on her self-sufficient farm in the heart of the beautiful island of Mallorca. In this wonderful finca from the 16th century you get a sense of Majorcan history, while it has been tastefully refurbished, and has all commodities for the modern connected life. The finca has 100.000 ha of land, located on a hilltop with a stunning view of the Tramuntana mountain range. 

This is where Kimberley works, creates and lives. She calls it the Star Seedz Farm, and with its own water well, an electricity generator, the finca is aiming to be independent from external resources.

When you see Kimberley walking around in her home, with her faithful dogs always close to her, the horses, poneys as well as her beloved friend Oncle (a white beautiful donkey), grazing among the trees and bushes next to the house, it feels like you have entered a fairytale.
Kimberley is passionate for life and full of energy and curiosity. She is always studying, experimenting, and looking for new insights on how to unfold her own life in deep joy and fulfillment. A big part of that, is finding ways to realize her inner calling, contributing to the Whole, helping to guide this changing world into the new thriving  era.  

Kimberley is a certified Ashtanga Yoga teacher, Energy Healer, Spirit Activist and Alchemist – Life Coach, and the founder of the Holistic Quantum Healing Method RECOME.
She is also passionate about her Shungite beehives – bee protection and organic honey production, and she has a deep interest in Crystals and their healing and cleansing purposes. In line with the ecologic lifestyle she also created the original clothing line Reflection the Power of Choice, including organic yoga clothing, all organic chakra oils and soaps, that have been distributed worldwide.

Kimberley has dedicated the last ten years to the studies and work with Energy Healing, and is now offering the individually designed RECOME Become Your Own Healer Programs in different settings, online and in Mallorca. She also connects with other dedicated professionals in the Star Seedz Agency, offering integrated solutions to co-living projects and other sustainable lifestyle projects. 

Kim was born in Germany as the only child to an American mother and a German father. During her first years they spent a lot of time on the Greek islands, and lived with her parents much of a ”hippie life”. Probably this explains Kimberley’s passion for the ocean, nature, farm life, and also the truth seeking spirit that characterizes her.
Her parents divorced when she was eleven, and they moved to Munich which is the city Kimberley considers her hometown.

After school she met her future husband, the professional tennis player Charly Steeb, and they travelled together for 5 years. After becoming parents, their life pace slowed down a bit, and they decided to move to Mallorca with their two small boys. Kimberley lived what she says was a very ”normal family life”, enjoying very much being a mother, and creating a life in Mallorca.

Kimberley is a woman who has travelled and seen the world, she is urban and loves the countryside, she has high aspirations, with both feet on the ground, she is curious, as if the universe always had something new to show her. Though it was not always like this. Life takes its twists and turns. Somehow though, Kimberley has always been able to use her challenges as a possibility for growth. 

Over 15 years ago, through a sudden hit of death in her vicinity, and the direct contact with the fragility of life, the sense of vulnerability and the inability of control overwhelmed Kimberley and triggered a first panic attack followed by an anxiety disorder.  During the next 10 years that followed, she literally found herself struggling for her life.  Daily duties like driving a car became unthinkable, and her life became limited in many ways. She developed physical tension, pain, and even food allergies. 

She tried many different approaches to find relief and answers, but neither meditation nor Western medicine did help. Mostly she was recommended tranquilizers, and these didn’t help her healing the cause.

After six months of seeing various doctors, Kimberley found some first real answers in a Biofeedback treatment that a friend recommended to her. Biofeedback is a type of therapy that uses sensors attached to your body to measure key body functions. This method is intended to help you learn more about how your body works. By the breathing techniques, mind morphing, (a designed reprogramming tool), and the various relaxing methods that were introduced to her in the following months, she started to feel a shift. Kimberley means that Biofeedback helped her enormously to see what was actually going on in her brain and in her body, and this came to be the gateway to her energy field. This was also an opening to discover yoga, which soon became a natural part of her healing journey.

Daily yoga came to bring discipline and structure to her life; a strict diet and keeping the daily routine to a minimum helped to reduce the symptoms she suffered from. 

Until today she is very grateful for the encounter with yoga, because it brought her deep insights in spirituality, realizing that the ancient techniques of Yoga are deeply interwoven with the science of Quantum Healing.
Her yoga practice also inspired her to sign up for a teacher training with the renowned Ashtanga teacher Elisabeth Conolly, and the practice became her ally for many years. 

Together with her soul sister Ursula Karven, Kimberley founded one of the first international yoga studios in Palma. YogaYou became a successful yoga studio in Mallorca for many years, where the yoga style YogaYouMusicFlow also was developed.

Despite the benefits from yoga, she could still feel that her daily routine very much depended on her discipline, and she felt very vulnerable, weak, lacking energy and unprotected if she didn’t follow her strict protocol. 

Some years later Kimberley says she found the missing piece to her questions; how to access her programmed mindset, in order to release her negative attachments and with that the mental and physical discomfort. What happened was that she came in contact with the Quantum Field Studies and with Energy Healing on the deepest level. Through these teachings she learned how to point out the causes of dis-ease, and how  to neutralize her past experiences. Her anxiety, allergies and body pain eventually all vanished. This came to be the natural continuation of her integrated healing journey, and what inspired her to later create the RECOME MethodRECOME stands for Reflection Quantum Healing Method

RECOME is a holistic approach to healing and well being with the aim to guide and support the unfolding of each individual’s life purpose in health and joy. 

Kimberley has dedicated the last ten years to the studies and work with energy healing. 

She highlights that in order to live your true calling, fulfilled, in love with life and healthy in the present moment, with pure intentions and a desire to create your own future, the past needs to be consciously cleared from negative emotions. It is about finding the origins and reasons for mental and physical discomforts in order to release the attached emotions from the past.

It is about evolving into understanding and forgiveness, in order to live joyfully, experiencing each moment free from your imprinted traumas.

The RECOME Method leads us to become full aware, loving beings, listening within, to grow in health and wellbeing. 

The holistic approach to Kimberley is a balanced integration of ancient rituals and techniques with contemporary studies of the quantum field, quantum physics research, modern science and functional medicine. Essential is to integrate a conscious lifestyle with nurturing habits for body, mind and soul , to live in tune with nature and the world.

Therefore Kimberley’s work method suggests to integrate the RECOME frequency meditations and healing processes with a unified approach to nutrition, healthy habits in general, physical exercise, RECOME Reflexology, Massage Therapy and Breathing Techniques, RECOME Chi Flow (a yoga healing sequence with integrated frequency and de-programming codes). She works with a dedicated team of professionals to support and guide people online and offline to unfold their unique healing journey and create a well balanced conscious lifestyle. 

Within the guidelines of the RECOME Method, Kimberley has developed a 5 level program, to learn, integrate and enjoy the method in a private setting. 

The First Level Program focuses on finding relief, relaxation, joy, connection, protection and flow in your life while at the same time releasing through the RECOME frequency deprogramming meditations imprinted blockages.  

The three online levels build up to the possibility to keep learning with level 4 and 5: the RECOME Become Your Own Healer and the RECOME Become a Healer, held in Mallorca.

Kimberley is deeply dedicated to support and guide people to find their origin of discomfort and pain, reaching the layers where they can unblock and unfold, to heal and meet their pure potential. 

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