about Kimberley Steeb

About Kimberley Steeb

Embark on an enchanting journey through the life of Kimberley Steeb – an adventure as inspiring as it is adventurous. Her eyes sparkle like playful stars, radiating wisdom and joy of life that she generously shares in her community and beyond.
Boundless energy and unwavering curiosity drive Kimberley down multiple paths – certified Ashtanga yoga teacher, spiritual activist, and energy healer. She is an alchemist and life coach offering the transformative RECOME- Method ( short for Reflection Quantum Healing Method ) RECOME is a 2 by 11 week online program, a path to rediscovering one’s self, moving from personal healing to becoming one’s own healer on multiple levels.
In the present, Kimberley is dedicated to her purposeful life projects, Gemstonian Crystals and Star Seedz, creating a future where belonging and purpose between people, animals and nature thrives beyond Mallorca’s shores.
But Kimberley’s journey has not been without twists and turns. More than 20 years ago, she faced a severe anxiety disorder , which turned her world upside down for more than 15 years. Biofeedback, yoga and energy healing became her allies, providing insight and relief. Quantum field studies and energy healing revealed the secrets of healing past wounds and gave birth to her unique RECOME method.
RECOME’s frequency meditations and healing processes empower individuals to unlock their potential while striving for holistic health.
Today, Kimberley is a role model guiding others through healing and potential unfoldment, infused with a passion for new ways of living that are being developed at Star Seedz Farm.
She is committed to clearing the past to live a joyful life in the present by blending ancient healing rituals with modern knowledge.Inspired by the communal spirit of nature, Kimberley has teamed up with Dora Luz, both of whom are holistic teachers and share a common mission. Star Seedz Farm – a radiant place that nurtures existence and belonging – embodies their collective empowerment.When you enter Star Seedz Farm, a fairytale realm unfolds with horses, ponies, cats and dogs, and the loving, charismatic donkey Uncle who grazes in the garden and envelops you with his magic. 
Kimberley’s journey has led to transformative Holistic Now Experiences at the farm, held three times a month on a donation basis, creating connection and unity.
Fueling the farm’s growth are Gemstonian Crystals.Their purchase not only enables beauty and healing, but also drives expansion where Star Seedz Farm’s heart projects are the SHUNGITE Bee Project and Crystal Kids.
Kimberley lives to unleash  true potential of people and opportunities and turn them into projects. She has arrived  in her purpose, fulfilling her calling to bring  the unfolding of her possibilities in joy and love to herself and the world she lives in.