What people experienced

It is with honor and appreciation that I share the testimonials I have received from different parts of the world.They witness intensive life-changing healing processes, and they are all valuable contributions to the co-creation.

My deepest wish is that You may release, re-program, connect, heal, learn, and apply this holistic approach to wellbeing in your life, and mirror it back into your community. The togetherness within and among communities, is what is required in this New Era; we are always in a process of co-evolvement, in which we consciously may support and enjoy each 

other. In deep gratitude, thank you for your trust.

Namaste and In-pure-joy!


Online RECOME Level 1 Program

During the 11-week active RECOME Meditation Level 1 program, I managed to experience wonderful moments without disturbing thoughts, the phase of absolute nothingness – thought-free, so to speak. 

I would never achieve this state otherwise. With one exception: there are races in which I am like “in a tunnel”, 100% focused, this happens rather unconsciously, in a phase of absolute concentration. 

Unfortunately, I can’t call up this state permanently. But active meditation has shown me that it is possible to get there more and more often with the tools you learn.

For me, the RECOME meditations lead you into a world of relaxation without getting tired, it’s like being relaxed and attentive – mentally as well as physically. 

Testi Mann

Timo Glock (racing driver) / Germany 


Chiara Koller / Kindergarden teacher / Munich 

RECOME and Become Your own Healer Program

I met Kimberley by chance, at the time I was in a very bad mental state and not really ready to change anything. However, Kimberley told me about her 11-week healing method, the RECOME  meditation. 

As a complete meditation novice, I was sceptical at first, but thanks to the RECOME meditations I was able to enter this brilliant world of self-healing immediately without much practice.  

This program was a “life changer” for me, a great help to find the way back to my own self.

Through the various simple and very loving explanations during the individual meditations, one has the feeling of being very closely connected to the universe, without being able to do anything wrong. 

The gentle voice, which is underpinned with energetic musical sounds, always brings you back to the here and now at exactly the right moment. 

Through the constantly increasing duration of the meditations, one is gently prepared to stay grounded in the here and now for longer and longer and to integrate this into everyday life. Through the meditations I have learned to listen more to my body and instinct and to make decisions from a pure heart.

This ReQuMe meditation is not only balm for the soul for me, but also a daily short holiday from everyday stress.

But not only I myself have noticed positive changes, but also my environment, my family, friends and co-workers, feel my inner balance.

It has helped me to see things more positively and with more love. 

For me, there is no day without ReQuMe Mediation. It makes me feel comfortable in my body again.

Because of the first 11 week RECOME meditation program paired with Kimberley’s individual healing program, I quickly realised that I wanted to learn more about this healing method. I realized that only with regular meditation and intensive work could my deep and long-standing blockages be released.

I then decided to work more closely with Kimberley and go even deeper into the subject. 

The “Become your own healer program” is an ingenious way to heal yourself and to get to know your body even more intensively.

Thank you Kimberley for everything!

Intensive RECOME Become your own Healer  Level 1 – 4 Program 

Dear Kimberely,

You are a highly empathic, always interested, particularly open-minded, curious, positive, love-filled and so generous person. You are also so powerful, interesting and wise, so beautiful, charming, and much more. 

I have learned so much this year …from you and through you.

You have given soooo much. In addition, you always took everything very seriously, as if it were your own concerns. You never lost your patience, always found solutions and always kept cool.

I owe you a year full of new experiences!

A lot has been moved in me through your work and conversations.

Some things have fallen away from me through your programming, even been dissolved. Many things have been healed emotionally, psychologically and physically. Wow! It was really very special to feel so supported by your work and that you were always there and ready, that alone has been an experience.


But on top of that, there was the knowledge you passed on about the body and its connections, this special method of reprogramming and the theoretical knowledge and tips about nutrition, body care and body and soul  rituals.

Then your keen interest and perseverance in researching world events.

Besides your comfortable wonderful home, where one can be pampered, and your insane massages, which are, as I said, incomparable. You do your healing work so passionately and with so much compassion that one would recover through it alone. But in addition to that, there is a certain technique that is also to be constantly developed further by you and also by your students.

I am very very grateful to you, Kimberley! Who could have imagined all this? It was a wonderful time and I look forward to more such rich moments with you. I have already received many compliments from friends about how good I look and I also notice it in the reactions of men.. And also by some reactions of women I didn’t know.. I feel vital and full of energy again, just like I always did back then. 

Who would have thought such a thing alone? Certainly not me!

It is a great gift from the universe that you have come into my life.

A huge heartfelt hug,
Yours, Katharina


Katharina, Portugal


Anja / Unternehmerin

Intensive ReQuMe Level 1 Program  

Hello, my name is Anja and today I would like to tell you about my experience with the ReQuMe Level 1 meditation program in combination with Kimberely’s private healing program. For a long time, I was plagued by a terrible fear of flying. When the planes flew over our house, my heart would race. Driving past the airport and just seeing the “planes” standing there, triggered intense anxiety in me. So I had long felt that I wanted to do something about it. After all, I live on an island and in the summer of 2019 I saw a whopping 6 booked planes take off to visit family without me on board. It just wasn’t possible for me.

As we all know, there are no coincidences and so all I can say is that Kimberley “tumbled” into my life like a little Christmas angel on 25/12/2019. We talked for a long time and when we also had the question “what do you actually do for a living” on the table, I knew immediately: THIS IS MY WOMAN!!!

I had the feeling that with Kimberley’s help I could get to grips with my fear and that’s exactly what happened.
We started the program right away in January, it was very intensive and I was sent the appropriate meditations at regular intervals. When I think back now, I immediately start to miss that time. It was really impressive how I found myself, how I took time ONLY for myself and became more and more balanced inside.


But well, I will definitely tackle other topics together with Kimberley in the future. In any case, I learned a lot about myself and I still use a lot of the great information I got from the meditations. 

The crowning glory was my first flight, for which Kimberley prepared me wonderfully, and when I see or hear about planes today, I have a completely different attitude. I imagine what my next flight destination will be after this crisis is over and I look forward like crazy to soaring above the clouds.