Reflections – a lifetsyle of choice


I am very happy that you are here, visiting my Vlog. 

This is a reflection of my life, my discoveries.

It’s a Lifestyle Vlog and a window through which you can see glimpses of my Star Seedz farm life in Mallorca where, in deep appreciation and joy, I am growing and evolving everyday, just as the crops and the plants!

My path has not always been easy, like all of us struggle at least once in our lifes I guess! (link to bio) I would love to share with you what contributed to my shift, and how that developed into an organically thriving lifestyle, with different key components that intend to support the community and the world as we are moving into this new era. My own healing journey, as well as many years of studies, research and work in the field, have together resulted in a system of energy healing and reconnection to oneself, which I call the ReQuMe method, and that I teach through online and on site programs. (link to ReQuMe)

Here I am honoured to share my passions of inner and outer beauty! 

My Vlog wants to give inspiring tips and thoughts on energy healing, daily routines and rituals, meditation and breathing techniques, Shungite Lavender Honey, Saving the Bees Project, Planets Rocks and their qualities, sustainable living, personal development, nutrition, and a healthy meaningful lifestyle.

Through this window you will also meet my partners and networks; Yoga Easy,  the all Organic Beautyline Ringana, The Shungite Webshop and the Star Seedz Community

Welcome to my reflection on Life ~
In-joy spreading love



Inner and outer beauty are both precious to experience and incredibly valuable and very much in tune with the spirit of the times. I am delighted to introduce you to my discovery of the all organic cosmetic and health line Ringana for women and men.  Without silicones or other artificial ingredients. I am very happy with Ringana


Shungit, the discovery of this wondrous stone brought pure joy into my life through its extraordinarily powerful, even measurable energy. With this website I would like to make it easier for everyone to access real shungite.
I use shungite mainly as a room cleaner and at the same time it energises the room, the bees, the water. Shungite is used wherever good cleansing energy is desired.